“Make me an offer and I’ll say yes!” – a warm welcome in Oregon

Dear reader. By now you have probably come to expect quite a delay in my reporting back on our progress and so I will stop apologising for this. No doubt you’re desperate to know where we are at every point along our trip so have a look at our snazzy map which we try to update more regularly. On this occasion we find ourselves sat in a tourist lodge towards the grand and incredibly famous (not to mention busy) Yosemite National Park but I’ll tell you about that another time. For now we’ll return to Oregon, our second state in the US.

Welcome to Washington: The state where stuff breaks

Greetings dear reader. Once again much has happened since we last spoke but alas there is not time to tell you about all of that here. Instead I will attempt to once again condense 2 or 3 weeks of time into a handful of paragraphs regarding our entrance into the USA and our journey through… Continue reading Welcome to Washington: The state where stuff breaks