What’s up with this milk?


Black Milk is an appropriation of a personal joke we shared with our friends Will (on the left) and Paula (on the right). We were staying with Paula and her Dad in Mexico City and at the time we spoke even poorer Spanish than we do now. We were learning some Spanish words using a set of picture cards Paula had from childhood and learnt two words together: ‘leche’ and ‘negro’. We decided that would be a good name for our hypothetical glam metal band.

Four years later we’re trying to come up with a name for our blog, which doesn’t make us recoil at our own suggestion, and we were still feeling attached to Leche Negro/ Black Milk. Given that we’re heading back to Mexico it seemed an apt namesake for the blog. The ‘rides’ bit is just a nod to our bikes and to avoid any complications with a pretty awful Aussie clothing brand when we rise to global fame.