About us

We are two people cycling from Vancouver, British Columbia to Oaxaca, Mexico via a large part of the USA.

We are doing this because we want to speak better Spanish and we like bikes.

Our route changes daily and our load gets heavier and heavier – mostly thanks to Henry’s ability to pick up more large items en route.

We ride a Genesis Croix de Fer (heavily modified for touring) and a Surly Long Haul Trucker (who doesn’t?!).

We carry two yoga mats, too many unnecessary clothes, a spurtle (look it up, your porridge nightmares are over my friend!) and we recently added a surf board to the tow. In short, we are NOT lightweight tourers – although we did one day dream of being so.

If you’re wondering what the hell black milk tastes like then check out ‘What’s up with this milk?‘ page.

Finally, shout out to all the wonderful WarmShowers.org hosts that have had us spend the night (or two, or three) in their home. Without exception, you have all been incredible and we continue to be inspired by your generous spirits.