What the world needs now is another blog.

Reluctantly, we’ve started a blog. As someone who reads and appreciates a number of great blogs I also realise that they are ubiquitous, and often glossy misrepresentations of real life. And we don’t need another one of them.

So why are we doing one? Well, to consolidate a cliché, a few months ago Alyce and I quit our jobs to take some time to travel more and achieve some of the things that we’d been thinking about for a while. We wanted a place to document some of this, which would encourage Alyce to start doing something with her photographs and me to write more. Creating a blog to share words and pictures with friends, family and whoever else is interested will hopefully achieve this.

Once leaving work, then, the natural place to start was India (ticking off those clichés, right?). Alyce completed her yoga teacher training (tick) while I was riding my bike across Europe, after which I flew out and we volunteered for the amazing My Name is Kumar. For a month we taught English classes and yoga to the coolest kids in Tamil Nadu, amongst other things (tick). Now we’re back in the UK, we just got back from a muddy Glastonbury and next week we fly to Vancouver to begin our ride south down the Pacific Coast Highway to Mexico.

If you’re still reading, thanks. I realise that all of these things sound like the highlight reel to some privileged student gap year. But that doesn’t detract from our experiences. Our trip to India was incredible – but not like it is in the adverts. It was incredibly dirty, polluted, friendly but oppressive, illogical but functional (or at least functioning), beautiful and ugly. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand how the country works, though I’d like to try.

India is like life. Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes difficult. Sometimes you find yourself in uncomfortable situations that challenge you. Sometimes you see the most beautiful sunset of your life and it appears that all is well with the world (it’s not). And that’s what we want this blog to be: a reasonable and authentic representation of life ‘on the road’ (tick). We don’t need another highlight reel of white people jumping off waterfalls, as we’ve already established.

If you want to read and follow us then that’s cool. We’ll do our best to avoid wanky lifestyle shots and boring ‘look how awesome this thing was’ (read: ‘look how awesome I am’) updates. We won’t pretend that this blog will be anywhere near an actual representation of our experiences but it’s good to have something to aim at.

So, like Michael Gove ‘reluctantly’ declaring his bid to be the next Prime Minister of the UK (a man currently ranking highly in the Imbeciles We Are Unfortunate Enough to Call Our Elected Leaders charts), I reluctantly declare our bid to piece together a representative and feasible reflection of our experiences and thoughts. Welcome!


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